Western town in Dnešice

6 km away


Would you like to have first-hand taste of how people lived in the Wild West. In the western town Halter Valley you can! Transfer between the cowboys and Indians, see dozens of stylish buildings and enjoy the atmosphere of a real Wild West. The town offers a variety of performances and programs for families with children. You can meet the cowboys, drovers, hunters and ladies, and you can be even witness of the shootings or dance in the country ball.

Castle in Lužany

7 km away


Originally Renaissance - Baroque building situated on the left bank of Uhlava, that is on three sides surrounded by a park that turns into a Renaissance utility garden. In 1886 Josef Hlavka bought the castle, after that the castle passed several reconstructions. A large part of interior design is held in memory of Josef Hlavka. There are a number of works of art, some of which are the work of his contemporaries and friends such as Vaclav Hynais Max Švabinský, Josef Václav Myslbek, Julius Mařák and others.

Castle in Nebílovy

9 km away


Nebílovy castle is representative of a typical Viennese Baroque architecture. Tuvorov classical painting with even rococo elements is absolutely unique. We would have found a similar painting only in imperial Vienna apartments Schönbrun. The front wing of the castle, three rooms and a large ballroom are only currently accessible to the public. The castle is held in addition to tours and concerts and exhibitions.


12 km away


Classical hunting castle built according to the Wenceslas Haberditz, in the late of 18th century it was served as the country house of nobility. The building with four wings was added by the chapel with a riding hall and stables with servant quarter, which created a compact area. The castle is now in addition to the tours of original equipment also used for weddings, exhibitions and concerts. The castle is surrounded by a large 40 hectare landscaped park, which is work of the SX France. When visiting in June, do not forget to look at a blooming tulip, a huge tree that has flowers like tulips.

Švihov Castle with moat

15 km away


The original water fortress from the 14th century was demolished in the 15th century and building a magnificent castle had begun on a man-made ??island. In 1655 the castle was because of its unique water moat put among other fortress, which should be by the order of Emperor Ferdinand III demolished, not to be used in case of war by the enemy. The complete destruction of the castle did not happen. But the castle had decayed since that time. After the war, when it became the property of the state, it was reconstructed. Today it offers visitors two classic tours, night tours and animated ones, and during the year many cultural events, lectures and exhibitions. The part of the castle is also a tavern, and a new service as the bike rental.

Radyně Castle

16 km away


Original royal castle ruins from the 14th century dominates in the wide surroundings. There is a beautiful view of the surroundings from the top of the tower. Radyne belongs to a strength architecture developed at Charles period. During the reign of the last of the governors Racek the castle burned down in the 16th century. The castle is connected with the legend of the terrible Radouš?, whose spirit is said to still wander around, hoping for setting free.

Rotunda of St. Peter and St. Paul in Starý Plzenec

20 km away


The original Romanesque building from the second half of the 10th century was rebuilt many times and only the original shape retained. Although the original building was preserved only in the torso, it is the oldest complete preserved building of its kind in the Czech Republic. The fact that it is associated with early medieval fort is also interesting.


20 km away


The city was founded in 1295 at the confluence of four rivers. Its advantageous geographical position enabled a rapid progress and distinctive architectural development. There are valuable monuments as the Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, Renaissance Town Hall, archdeaconry and the Franciscan Monastery and the Jewish Synagogue. This is just a brief list of sites that you can visit in Pilsen. In addition, the city also provides a wide range of cultural activities and recreation. That is why Plzen won the title of the capital of Culture 2015.

Klatovy – Black Tower, the Catacombs, the city walls

25 km away


Due to the favorable climatic conditions, date of the first settlements in the area was already in the Neolithic period. The original small village became a royal town around 1260. Přemysl Otakar II. supported the development of the city also in the following century and in the half of the 18th century Klatovy became the county town. The most important site is the Black Tower, from which there is a beautiful view of the surroundings, the Jesuit Church of the Assumption and St. Ignatius with catacombs.

Castle Horškovský Týn

35 km away


National Historic Landmark State Castle Horšovský Týn was originally Bishop's Castle founded in the early 13th century. In the 16th century it burnt down and was rebuilt in a monumental Renaissance residence. Currently it is the one of the most accessed sites in the country and offers visitors six tour routes. The large park is freely accessible from the city.

Plasy Monastery

42 km away


First royal Cistercian monastery, founded in Bohemia in 1144, was at the beginning of the 15th century burned down by Hussites. In the years 1661 - 1785 it has undergone a magnificent Baroque style reconstruction according to the plan of J. B. Mathey, J. B. Santini and K. I. Dientzenhoffera. In 1785 the monastery was closed and since 1995 it has been declared as a national cultural monument.

Velhartice Castle

45 km away


A romantic castle in Šumava in a picturesque valley with wooded slopes offers visitors two guided tours - the castle and the palace. Since 2009 the castle offers a third external route - a tour of buildings of folk architecture. There are held some traditional cultural events besides the tours.

Castle in Manětín

56 km away


Original medieval fortress, situated in the north-western part of today's baroque courtyard, was replaced by the manor house, which underwent gradually by a lot of reconstructions, the most important was the Baroque one. At present the castle is in the care of the National Heritage Institute and offers visitors a tour of the interiors. The castle garden is also interesting and it has gradually been restored to its baroque form.

Rabí Castle

60 km away


The largest castle ruin in Bohemia overlooks the rocky hill near the river Otava. The medieval castle with Romanesque foundations protected in the past the trade route in the past and gold deposits on the river Otava. It often became the target of attacks, Jan Žižka tried to conquer it twice. In the summer months there are the theatre performances and concerts at the castle. Surrounding of the castle offers a dense network of hiking trails and a lot of opportunities for trips.

Kašperk Castle

72 km away


The castle was founded in 1356 by Charles IV. for guarding the frontiers with Bavaria and protection of gold-bearing area in the mountains Kašperky. From the 16th century, the castle was going to ruin and so the nearby town Kašperské Hory bought it. The town has been operating the castle since that time. It offers three classic tours and special tours for children.

Ruins of the Castle Přimda

72 km away


The first mention of the castle dates from 1121, the castle is considered as the oldest stone castle in the country. Přimda served as an important border fortress, guarding the trade route from Prague and Pilsen to Horní Falce. In addition, there had been the royal prison. Later not maintained castle was falling into ruins and in the 17th century it was already changed into a ruin.

Pension Haydn house
Pension Haydn house
Pension Haydn house


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